Dear David and Jean-Claude,

I am writing to wish you both and the proud club of Villefranche XIII – Les Loups – the very best of luck for the Elite 2 Finale.
I will always be thankful for the wonderful season I spent in the town of Villefranche de Rouergue in the season of 1996-97.
It was one of the most memorable times in my rugby league career, and also in my life, because of the wonderful people of your club and the town of Villefranche de Rouergue.
David - it was also great to see you in England when France and Tonga played a World Cup warm-up match at Halifax.
Please also send my warmest wishes to some of the men who I remember and know have helped Les Loups – my great friend Gilles Fleuret, and my former teammates and great players Nicholas Alquier, Sebastien Marty and Frank Loupias.
I will also never forget how kind the Viguier family were to me. Hello to Marie-Helene, Edwige, Francois and Sophie.
I am so excited to see that Les Loups are playing in the finale this weekend.
So I send you the best of wishes from Brisbane, and indeed the NRL Dolphins club, for your match.
I hope to see a photo of your team celebrating with the Elite 2 trophy – Allez Les Loups!

Kind regards

Trad ‘Snake’ McLean (le serpent)

Le Serpent

Allez les Loups,
Toute la meute villefranchoise sera avec vous
Quand ce sera difficile , levez la tête vers vos supporters
Les.anciens loups pousseront avec vous


Ayez une faim de loup et réitérer la finale de 2017 !


Bravo pour ce parcours les loups 🐺 tous derrière vous pour rapporter le trophée en Aveyron 💪🏉🛡️🥇


Allez les loups 🐺 mon club de cœur. On compte sur vous pour ramener le bouclier.
Continuez à faire la belle histoire de ce club et de tous les acteurs de ce club.
Vive les loups villefranche XIII🐺


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